Engineering application update in C++

We were engaged by an Engineering and Manufacturing firm in the Energy sector to solve a persistent problem with a core application. An aging C++ application was in need of updating one of the components that calculates thermal efficiency of their product designs. Their major concern was not only finding expertise in C++, but also the necessary expertise in complex physics necessary to understand the need and craft the solution.

Within hours of defining the resource requirements, we identified and secured a proven C++ developer with a strong applied physics background who was very familiar with the formulas and calculations required. Our Delivery Manager engaged with the client, reviewed the requirements and was able to provide a fixed bid for the work.

The projected timeframe for completion of a project of this size and scope under typical circumstances would be about three weeks – given the proper resources. In this case we delivered a fixed-price solution (including coding and testing) in four days.

The client chose to implement the component into the larger application themselves. Our staff stood ready to make adjustment or fix any bugs that often occur during implementation but there were none. The new software integrated seamlessly into the existing application and it is still performing flawlessly today.”


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