Can a Disruptive approach to IT services be non-disruptive?

In 1995 Clayton Christensen co-authored an article with Joseph Bower titled Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave. The article examines how some technologies (later to be call innovations) can disrupt the current market for a product or service either by replacement or alteration?or over a period of time both. For example the first automobiles were certainly innovative i.e. an alteration to the travel industry which was mainly horse/buggy, boat and rail and remained so for decades because automobiles were expensive. It wasn’t until Henry Ford’s Model T that it became disruptive, especially to the buggy whip manufacturers.

Every industry, past or present, has experienced its share of disruption; word processors to PCs, wood to plastic, encyclopedias to Wikipedia, etc.

So how can a disruptive approach in the IT services arena be non-disruptive?

Let’s take a look at a traditional corporate IT project. Traditional application development, migration from a legacy system, application customization and you know the others.


Keep it internal using your staff
Hire a consulting firm
Augment your staff with hourly temps

All of which can be disruptive in a very real sense not to mention costly (think time and materials).

What if the solution could be delivered in a timely manner and expensed on deliverables without disrupting the company’s day to day operations? Kind of disruptive in a non-disruptive way – It’s called the Human Cloud.

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