Solutions from the Human Cloud??? The What, Why and How…

Definition of Solutions from the Human Cloud

Solutions – Software based technical answers to business challenges.

Human – Homo-Sapien

Cloud – Best of breed resources that are extremely agile and scalable (up or down) on an on-demand basis.

In a word, frustration. We knew that there had to be a better way to develop software. A way to achieve the Trifecta, the Holy Grail of development: “Better, Faster and Cheaper.” The Human Cloud does this as well as (and actually by) aligning the motivations of the developers with those of the client.

Instead of paying consultants on time and materials (translation: the longer it takes, the more they get paid), our innovative approach rewards speed, quality and client satisfaction.

Instead of sending the work to a typical offshore firm to save a few bucks, and then spending a few bucks x2 to fix it when it comes back, we work with you to get it right the first time.

Instead of sending the work to a typical offshore firm and having no idea who is working on your project, we offer complete transparency and direct contact with the development team.

Instead of building an internal team and augmenting with expensive contractors, leverage the scalability of the Human Cloud. This will help reduce the direct costs and employee benefits as well as hidden costs (and frustrations) such as recruiting, screening, hiring, training, provisioning (new computer, phone and paper clips), housing (cube, desk, chair and name tag), managing, re-training, Christmas bonus, time off, more training, performance reviews, more managing and even more training only to see the good ones leave for a $2.50/hr. raise requiring the process to start all over again.

Instead of using a traditional consulting firm and getting who ever is on the bench, our Human Cloud is full of true experts.

Instead of paying through the nose for one of the “Big Boys”, get better quality and a faster turnaround time with DAI Technologies for a fraction of the price.

Instead of frustration, choose DAI Technologies.

So how can we do all this you ask? There is no hocus pocus or “don’t pay any attention to man behind the curtain” I assure you.

Through years of international, open call coding and algorithm competitions, we have developed a network and resource pool of some of the world’s most talented individuals. Yeah, we know “those guys,” and plenty of them. So when we start a project, we can tap into this Human Cloud and engage some of the world’s best talent as needed. We also use an agile based development model because it’s ability to adapt to changing business demands it offers the shortest, most direct path to best quality, client-focused solution.

So let’s revisit the Trifecta of “Better, Faster and Cheaper.”

Quality – Better developers produce better quality code. It is more efficient, scalable and easier to maintain. Also, agile-based development is more adaptable to changing customer requirements and results in a solution that is a better fit for the client.

Speed – Better developers produce better code faster. Our unique pricing model encourages speed and quality (more on the pricing structure in future posts). Also, with our Human Cloud, we can scale up the teams as needed to accelerate delivery.

Project Cost Savings – Many of our Human Cloud resources are based offshore, enabling us to keep costs down. And since we have our Human Cloud we save the expense of maintaining a bench like other firms.

But wait, there’s more… Our agile based development produces a more user acceptable product that requires fewer re-writes and modifications, saving time and money.

And more… solutions that are achieved better, faster and cheaper have a higher success rate and user acceptance, saving time and money.

Enough of my high horse, tongue in cheek and clichés’, we have a better mouse trap and we’d love to tell you more a
bout it. Contact us for more details.

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