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Better outcomes start with top talent.

Ask any development team how they score based on independent ratings, or their performance in competitions. Does the team include recognized specialists in all programming languages? When you look at their experience do you think, “Wow this is exactly who we need on this project?” Are they excited to talk about how they blazed through a massive coding challenge in one weekend? That’s how we qualify our programmers. We select the Navy Seals … the All Stars … the Nobel Prizers of application development. From this elite talent pool we assemble project-specific teams whose skills and experience are spot on for the challenge ahead.

These folks don’t build clunky apps. They don’t “sorta kinda” know the programming language you are specifying. You’re not wondering if they are getting up to speed on your dime. Their solutions represent the highest technical quality and design standards enabling us to deliver exponentially higher value to DAI Technologies’ clients.

Innovative Delivery Method

DAI Technologies’ team members live anywhere, but they work together in the collaborative workspace of the Human Cloud. They follow the most forward thinking process —a hybrid agile methodology that takes the mystery out of the outcome. Our clients never experience that sinking feeling that comes when you open a present and find its a really bad sweater. There simply can’t be surprises when the approach involves delivering usable code for client review every three weeks. In addition, our clients have the same level of access to the project docs as the programmers, making it a fully transparent process.