What We Do

Reinventing Custom Software Development

For years, software development teams have been telling clients that delivering quality projects, in a short time frame, at highly competitive fees is unrealistic. They cite the standard explanation that among speed, quality, and value, something will always be compromised.

We don’t agree. We have a solution — DAI Technologies’ innovative business model. It’s a proven approach for consistently delivering speed, quality, and value.

Top Talent from a Global Pool

If you brought together the world’s most skilled surgeons to perform a complex operation, you could expect them to deliver the best results, and accomplish it in less time. DAI Technologies takes that same approach to software development. Our developers are part of an elite group based on independent third party ratings, experience, performance in competitions, and areas of specialization. From this pool of experts we assemble a development team whose skill set and experience aligns with the specifications of the project.

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